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Business Partner Intensive

Great HR partners are both experts and leaders!  They know the ins and outs of HR and how to leverage that “know-how” to solve both short and long-term challenges within a business. The Business Partner Intensive delves into the concepts important to making the transition from HR Expert to HR Leader!  This is a hands-on, interactive learning experience.  Participants discuss new concepts, practice new skills, and gain insights and feedback to enhance and reinforce their effectiveness as an HR professional in a client facing role.

What You can Expect:

  • Discuss and reflect on participants’ current mindset and the impact on business results

  • Explore the beliefs and attitudes of the Business Partner Mindset

  • Outline the professional mission and outcomes of an effective HR business partner

  • Gain practical tools to build and sustain business acumen

  • Analyze current work activities for opportunities to plan and execute programs aligned with business priorities

What’s Included:

  • Pre and post Business Partner Mindset Assessment to measure progress

  • Monthly virtual workshops and group follow-up sessions delivered over a four month period

  • Monthly one on one coaching sessions to remove personal barriers.

  • Exercises between sessions to deepen learning through applying concepts discussed each month

  • Accountability partner to serve as a sounding board and to provide support in completing activities between sessions

  • Private Facebook Group to facilitate group discussion, sharing, and networking

Investment: $500 (Pricing reflects a 50% discount for the first cohort, June 2019)