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Webinar - Increasing HR's Value: The Journey to Trusted Business Partner

Course Description:

Leadership guru, Ken Blanchard states, “the key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”  When we think about the role of HR Business partners, this could not be more relevant.  Along with the lack of authority with business leaders, particularly those who need more evidence that HR is a valued partner, it’s easy to understand why these relationships can be tough.  What if becoming a valued partner, even with the most challenging of leaders was possible?  Would you consider taking on that challenge?  Join this webinar as we explore difficult relationships with business leaders and tips and tools for adding greater value.   

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore challenges in business leader and HR business partner relationships

  • Discover the mindset needed to transform business relationships

  • Gain practical insights that can be used to deepen the relationship with any business leader

  • Strengthen skills and competencies of HR Business Partners to more effectively deliver HR solutions in their client groups

Cost: $20

Download: Increasing HR’s Value Webinar Flyer

"The Increasing HR Value Webinar rocks!  Quionna's coaching has lifted me up and given me the mindset I need to succeed!  Would definitely recommend it to others who want to provide exceptional HRBP value."   - Betsy T., Maine