The Business Partner Intensive


Is this you?

  • My leaders have so much on their plate, it’s hard to get them to focus on the People strategy.

  • It’s hard to add value when I’m the last person on the team to get information about what’s going on.

  • My leader just doesn’t know how to best use what I bring to the table.

  • I’m just coming up to speed on the HR programs and learning the business, it’s a challenge to connect the people goals to the business at this point.

If you answered yes to any of these, the Business Partner Intensive might be right for you.


What if ……

  • You were asked for your opinion at the beginning

  • You could work side by side with your business leader and their team to tackle the real issues holding the business back

  • Your leaders insisted you were there to discuss important topics

  • Your HR deliverables were directly connected to important business outcomes


Why Join this Program?

When you participate in the “Business Partner Intensive”, you get more than the typical content on becoming a trusted business partner.  You’ll also …

  • Practice what you’ve learned in your real world setting

  • Receive feedback to support your development 

This rare mix of learning, application, and accountability are the cornerstones to accelerate your development, and expand the skills and competencies necessary on this trusted business partner journey.



What’s Included?

  • Seven weekly virtual 90 minute sessions delivered over a eight week period

  • Content focused on the business partner mindset , outcome based HR goals, tools/resources to learn the business, listening for what isn’t said, how to use a coach’s approach, and accountability

  • Exercises between sessions designed to deepen learning through applying concepts discussed each week

  • Accountability partner to serve as a sounding board and to provide support in completing activities between sessions

  • Private Facebook Group to facilitate group discussion, sharing, and networking


Meet your Program Facilitator and Coach

Quionna Allen is a career HR professional who has a passion for development. She is excited about the opportunity to focus her expertise and passion in support of her fellow HR Colleagues. HR development is often the last item on the checklist and in many cases de-prioritized. Facilitating the Business Partner Intensive and other programs like it is Quionna’s way of contributing to the elevation of this amazing group. Join Quionna and other like-minded HR professionals on this journey.

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